The creative process is a powerful tool that helps us move from our heads into our hearts and allows us to explore and express our true inner feelings.

Intuitive Painting

Use practical and simple tools to help get the creative process started in your life. Allow your child- like imagination to play with paint. No rules, no mistakes, no expectations. Let the paint open up your heart. Explore feelings, colours, textures, dreams and personal images. Spray water, use your hands, sponges and other wonderful materials to let the soul be free to discover and express.

Mystic Mask Making

Let your imagination go wild. Uplift your soul and have fun. Using clay, papermache, mixed media and paint, work with the qualities of the soul and create a mask to express the inner mystic.

Sacred Banner Making

In a supportive peaceful space, connect with your compassion and feminine wisdom and express your personal symbols and words of truth. Create a three dimensional work of art that you will be proud of, using found objects from nature, images or symbols collected from home, mixed media, fabric, paint and collage.

Mandala Making

Mandala simply means circle. Let the powerful effects of working in the sacred circle help bring you wholeness. Using creative visualization, paint, mixed media and collage, create a mandala that expresses what peace means to you, and spread the vibration of peace through your healing images. Each participant will leave the day having created a personal and symbolic work of art.

Luminous Lantern Making

In an atmosphere of peace, light the light of hope by creating your own sacred lantern. Use mixed media, objects found in nature, and other fun stuff to celebrate your transformation.

“Michelle, the gift of helping others to let go & free ourselves & open up to creativity is priceless. Thank you for being you, believing in yourself and what you do.”

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