Welcome to Art With Heart.
The website and blog of Michelle Pfeiffer.

The purpose of this website is to share my art and inspire you. Maybe you need creative coaching or art classes, or perhaps an original “Soul Painting,” that reminds you of your highest spiritual energy. It could be your looking for an uplifting mural or a painting for your home or store. Or what about some fun new creative ideas. What ever it may be you’ve come to the right place. “Let me paint for you!”

About the artist

Michelle Pfeiffer, was born in Toronto, where she was trained as a graphic designer at Humber College School of Design. For many years Michelle worked in Advertising before returning to the Ontario College of Art in 1989 to study Fine Art.

Michelle works in mixed media, acrylic paint, collage, printmaking and sculpture, often using found objects from nature. Her art explores feelings, values and personal truth as a way of connecting from the head to the heart.



In a supportive peaceful environment, create original art that uplifts and transforms the soul. Using creative visualization, mixed media, painting, clay, collage, writing, music and open sharing, reclaim the qualities of peace, love, joy, wisdom and beauty through spiritual art.

Creative workshops for all ages. No previous art experience required.