"Michelle, your work really blows my mind. I connect very deeply to it. The colours the patterns. It must flow from a deep connection to Life, Spirit, the Ground of Being, or whatever you like to call it. It seems other worldly, transcendent to me."

Maria Borsato

Welcome to Art With Heart. The Website of Michelle Pfeiffer.

The purpose of this website is to share my art and inspire you. Maybe you need creative coaching or art classes, or perhaps an original “Soul Painting,” that reminds you of your highest spiritual vibration. It could be your looking for an uplifting mural or a painting for your home or store. What ever it may be you’ve come to the right place. “Let me paint for you!”


About the artist

Michelle Pfeiffer, was born in Toronto, where she was trained as a graphic designer at Humber College School of Design. For many years Michelle worked in Advertising before returning to the Ontario College of Art in 1989 to study Fine Art.

Michelle works in mixed media, acrylic paint, collage, printmaking and sculpture, often using found objects from nature. Her art explores feelings, values and personal truth as a way of connecting from the head to the heart.


Creating with virtues heals the human spirit The human spirit is filled with a treasure store of virtues. Joy, love, courage, freedom, calm and happiness to name a few. Creating with virtues allows you to access your “inner treasures” by focusing the mind and keeping the heart alive in a positive flow of feelings. From this soulful, childlike and playful place you access your rich world of colours and symbols using your imagination in the most beautiful and empowering way. Join me on line and I will share how art and virtues is a source of endless healing power for the heart, keeps the mind positive and happy and has inspired a deeper connection with the “Source” of creative energy. Art classes for all ages. No previous art experience required.


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